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Premium quality Agaves from Florida's most experienced Agave producer.
Notestein's Nursery
Agaves, North Florida Native Plants, Edible Plants, Bonsai, Rare Plants from Florida and Beyond.
3701 NW 17th Street
Gainesville, FL 32605
Call Jim Notestein at

for more information or to arrange a visit.
Agave americana 'Gainesville' (Gator Century). (photo below)
Grows to 5 ft x 5 ft. Hardy to 15 deg F.
It's not clear how this agave got the 'Gainesville' part of its name. Shorter & wider leaves offer more surface to present the embossed leaf pattern.
1 Gallon: $10, 3 Gallon: $30, 7 Gallon: $75
Agave americana 'Big Blue'
Mature size: 8 ft H x 10 ft W. Hardy to 15 F.
Agave americana can be the poster child of agaves for much of the world. It has the longest ornamental history. It produces numerous off-sets or pups. It was the species that Linnaeas used to describe the genus. Mexican in nativity, it offers many hybrid forms and colors.
1 Gallon: $10, 3 Gallon: $25, 7 Gallon: $60, 15 Gallon: $150.
Agave americana marginata. 'Golden Octopus'. (photo below)
Grows to 8 ft H by 10 ft W. Hardy to 20 deg F.
This agave will, in maturity, cover more area than any other. Variegated leaves means less chlorophyll and a slower clock.
3 gallon: $30, 7 gallon: $80
Agave angustifolia marginata
Common name is "Bright Stripe".
Grows to 3 ft H by 3 ft W. Hardy down to 30 deg F.
1 Gallon: $8, 3 Gallon: $25, 7 Gallon: $50
Agave bractiosa 'Squid'. (photo below)
Grows to 30 inches by 30 inches. Hardy to 10 deg F.
Squid agave is very unusual -- it doesn't die after blooming. Pleasantly, it has no terminal spine & minimal if any lateral teeth. It is the most huggable agave. Native to eastern Mexico -- it is a cliff-dweller -- driven there by herbivores. Plants tend to be solitary with few pups. A great container plant.
7 gallon: $100
Agave decipiens
Common name is "Tree agave".
Grows up to 2 ft wide on stalk up to 8 ft high. Hardy down to 30 deg F.
Tree agave is an important Florida native that is rare due to over-zealous clearing. Pups come from the root zone or from bulbils (little plants which form on the bloom stalk after flowers are pollinated. This agave is a winning trifecta of xeric, salt tolerance, & it doesn't carry fire in the landscape.
4 inch pot: $5, 1 gallon: $10, 3 gallon: $30, 7 gallon: $60
Agave desmetiana
Common name is "Cuban agave". Grows to 4 ft wide by 4 ft high. Hardy to 30 deg F.
Desmettiana has been in cultivation so long that no natural populations are known. This means that from a very early time, it was removed from the wild to be extensively cultivated. It will tolerate considerable shade & water. It has no marginal teeth & is good for decorative containers.
1 gallon: $10, 3 gallon: $30, 7 gallon: $60
Agave filamentosa
Common name is "Whiskers".
This plant has a beautiful circular shape and striking geometry. Grows to 2 ft by 2 ft. Hardy to 20 deg F.
Whiskers is solitary with few if any pups. The many small hairs on leaf margins give a light, glowing effect. It looks great in a decorative pot.
3 gallon: $40, 7 gallon: $80
Agave ghiesbreghtii
Common name is Montecito.
Grows to 18" by 18" size. Hardy to 30 deg F.
With a long cultivation history, Montecito has many hybrids. Good pot plant.
1 gallon: $10
Agave parrasana
Aka: "Hen and Chicks".
Grows to 6 inches high by 18 Inches wide.
Parrasana is native to south-east Mexico. It is a fine plant for container.
2 gallon: $25, 3 gallon: $50, 7 gallon: $100
Agave parryi truncata
Aka: 'Arizona'.
Grows to 2 ft by 2 ft size. Hardy down to 0 deg F (keep dry when cold).
Parryi is native to Mexican state of Durango & north into Arizona & New Mexico. It thrives in partial shade & is a historical source of mescal. Good for container gardening.
3 gallon: $40
May be available in other size pots.
Agave salmiana
Common name is 'Smoothy'.
Grows to 5 ft by 5 ft. Hardy to 15 deg F.
3 gallon: $35
Also available in other size pots.
Agave salmiana 'ferox'. (photo below)
Common name is 'Green Goblet'. Grows to size of 6 ft by 6 ft. Hardy to 20 deg F.
This variety is the most common agave in European gardens. It is native to central Mexico. Salmiana is the main species for pulque and tequila production.
3 gallon: $35, 7 gallon: $80
Agave univittata 'compacta' ( Sharp Carpet ).
12 inches x 18 inches. Hardy to 10 F
Univittata is native to Rio Grande valley of Texas & Northern Mexico. It thrives in light shade. No ethnobotanical uses are recorded. Many hybrids in cultivation. An excellent agave for the container garden.
4 inch: $5, 1 quart: $5, 1 gallon: $15, 3 gallon: $40, 7 gallon: $80
Location: Gainesville, Florida

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